Too often it is perceived that accounting software in Malaysia has been developed solely for the use of big companies with an accounts department dealing with lots of transactions. This is where SBS accounting software begs to differ as the Malaysian market/industry predominantly comprises small to medium businesses (SME). If you are an entrepreneur/owner of a small business be it a start-up, micro or SME, then you should definitely be using an accounting software for its vital information, reports and overall advantages it provides you as the business owner.

1. Organised Data

Our SBS accounting software for small business ensures all of your transactional/business activity data is kept in a more systematic and organized manner in comparison to the manual bookkeeping process via excel or even worse written by hand. When a proper software/system is used, all data storage is computerised and managed systematically which gives you as the business owner the ability to track and pull reports whenever required. In essence, you can easily view and monitor any account details or activities within a particular day, month, or year without the hassle of manually searching through the piles and piles of files/folders in your office. As SBS is an accounting software that is accessible via the internet, you are able to access your data and reports wherever and whenever (within or outside of Malaysia)as SBS is a web based accounting system.

2. Accurate Input

Humans have the tendency to make mistakes, thus when preparing your accounts it is crucial that no mistake is made as its implications affects the entire result in your financial reports. Once a mistake has been made, it then involves the cumbersometask of having to analyze and investigate the audit trail to identify what went wrong. Therefore, when there is human interaction involved in such tasks, the possibility for errors are greater than compared to a system/software like SBS. The precise calculation done by an accounting software like SBS, on the other hand, is highly reliable as the entire process is automated. This presents itself with a most certain error-free situation based on the data that is keyed into the system.

3. Cost-cutting

The term "Time is Money" is particularly true when running a business. Shorter processing time of system indicates higher efficiency and subsequently signifies less cost as less manpower is needed. Similarly, in a competitive business environment this can be applied when managing your accounts and business processes by investing in an accounting software like SBS that is automated, meets accounting standards and SST compliant yet reasonably priced. Being a renowned accounting software in Malaysia, SBS provide users with the most effective and efficient tool in producing your financial reports with no accounting knowledge required yet comes with a very reasonable subscription price.

In Malaysia, more and more start-ups, micro and SMEs are established yet many are still running their business with no accounting system in place.Whatever the size of your company or organization, it is always advisable for you to start using an accounting software the moment you embark on your business venture. This is to avoid the bigger complications it can bring later on when trying to obtain credit, income tax settlement, SST and ultimately closure of your business if emphasis is not given on proper accounting.